Personalised Oak Welly Boot Rack (5+ Pairs of Wellies)


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Our personalised wooden welly boot racks are handmade at our workshop in Bristol. These beautiful high end welly racks also come at an affordable price.

Each Welly Rack is created from a single piece of Oak, which is hand selected to ensure that they have a beautiful continuous oak grain, protected with UV Osmo oil and are supplied with brass screws. Our personalised Oak welly racks also contain a greater number of (Oak) pegs than others on the market, allowing better spacing of boots and also some additional capacity should a visitor arrive sporting muddy boots (see below).

For indoor or outdoor use, this is the perfect rack to save space and keep dirty boots tidy and away from clean floors!

The perfect gift for the active family.

As these are bespoke and made to order there is no additional cost for engraving the wording of your choice, perhaps the perfect wedding or wooden anniversary gift?

Our welly racks 3pairs and up, contain more (Oak) pegs than others, which allows spacing of your boots
and additional capacity if you have a guest join your walk. Therefore:

3 Pair rack – could hold 4 pairs with no spacing (75cm approx.)
4 Pair rack – could hold 5 pairs with no spacing (100cm approx.)
5 Pair rack – could hold 7 pairs with no spacing (125cm approx.)


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